Backup plan

Prompt: Write a story happening during heavy rainfall. ‘Great backup plan Mum, real winning idea there.’ No matter how close he stood to the library door it remained resolutely closed. He read the sign for the fifth or maybe sixth time, it also refused to change.

Down, but not out

So for the last few weeks I have been wearing the letters off my keyboard banging out this November's Nanowrimo novel. - Literally, Little Man used my computer the other day for his own writing and had to ask where the 'N' was! The first little while was going gangbusters, there was one day we… Continue reading Down, but not out


On track…so far

Quick update via my phone as I'm not connecting my laptop to the wife - too distracting! November 1 was yesterday, in order to achieve 50,000 words by 30 November you need to average 1667 words per day. Last night I got 1780 before I really had to go to bed. Time to get moving… Continue reading On track…so far

There’s something to this planning thing….

So the dreaded planning stage has actually proved helpful. I was talking to a school mum the other day and she mentioned a book she had recently read, she said it had a fantastic premise but really had nowhere to go after that, she'd enjoyed the read but the flaw stood out. I thought the… Continue reading There’s something to this planning thing….

Oooh look something shiny

Just stop it - focus for crying out loud! I know I hate to plan, everyone knows it. But it's November on Sunday, today is Wednesday, this story wont get written unless there's some sort of plan. I am brilliant at procrastination, how good is Adele's new song? listening to it now, awesome. See what… Continue reading Oooh look something shiny

Closed for the season – no not really!!

Hi there folks - quick update for you. I have been plugging away at my rewrite, some days are good, some days the procrastination is very very effective! November is fast approaching and that means Nanowrimo - which means 50,000 words in 30 days and a whole new manuscript finished. BMan is very supportive, he thinks… Continue reading Closed for the season – no not really!!

Say it isn’t so :(

I'm a little bit in mourning, yesterday was the last day of my Refine Your Novel course. I am going to miss it so much, I enjoy looking forward to it and I enjoy the work while I'm there and I love the motivation in the days after it. I'm also going to miss the… Continue reading Say it isn’t so 😦

Little update

So I saw these two fantastic authors recently at an even put on by my local library. It was a brilliant talk that I'll review shortly (as I've left my notebook elsewhere!). But I will encourage you to go out and purchase or go online and purchase both their books - Emily Bitto The Strays I selected… Continue reading Little update

Side effects

The ripple effects of little coincidental things that happen in your life are interesting. Don't worry I'm not getting deep and profound on you, its an observation on writing. So as you know I joined this book club. An invitation that came about by coincidence, one of the mums at school and I were classroom… Continue reading Side effects

You Googled what??

After my recent adverb rant I have been trundling along nicely on my rewrite. I've even been able to use the odd sentence from draft 1, and I've passed the 10,000 word mark. Today as I typed away I realised I've done some Google searches this week, that while are not strange as such, as a… Continue reading You Googled what??