In the beginning…

Full disclosure – I’ve no idea what I am doing, this may be a hideous and laugh (seriously) out loud epic failure that will remain haunting the internet for eternity, a debacle I can never quite erase or escape. But what the hey – nothing ventured and all of that.This blog is essentially a way of journalling this manuscript process, of building, venting, reassurring and motivating, and sure, procrastinating. Sounds like free therapy, sounds dull to all but me. We’ll see.

I currently have 27k words, thereabouts of my work in progress. I like it, I think it’s not half bad. I want to finish it to see how it all turns out, and most of all, I want to see other people read it. To turn down the corner of a page. To keep glancing back at the cover, to finally close it and take a deep breath, kinda sad that it’s finished.

What a buzz that would be!

Today, I’ve written only about 300 words, but gee some of those words!

terrible screech
butter soft
searing and blistering fury

Loving it!


Love to hear from you

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