What’s in a name?

Yesterday – 702 words; Today – 876 and counting, favourite phrase so far today ‘daydreaming about my own brilliance’ luckily this is not an autobiography 🙂

Get writing already!

So you may be wondering where I came up with the title of the blog. While procrastinating from writing, and needing something other than the ever increasing pile of laundry to distract me, I read a lot of other writer and writing blogs.

Sadly this often leads to thoughts of how much better they are at writing than I am, but yet again I digress.

There is an American Young Adult author, Nova Ren Suma who has a great blog called distraction99. She has been running a series of posts from other authors about the turning points in their writing lives. A guest post by Canadian Author Eileen Cook detailed that one of her biggest hurdles was her self confidence. She had a teacher in a writing class she took pull her aside and quite frankly say, Eileen, you’re already not published, what’s the worst that can happen, you’ll remain unpublished.

This struck a chord with me, I keep thinking about that quote you’re already not published, so just get into gear and do something. It reminds me that a writer is someone who writes, so I’m already that. When I finally have a book published, then I’ll be an author, but I’m already a writer.

And as I’m already not published, any step I take in that direction is a worthy one. Risk a little because, I’m already not published, I can’t do any damage.

It’s kind of liberating.


One response to “What’s in a name?

  1. Your post gave me some new perspective and thanks for sharing the link.


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