Time, how much for a sliver or two?

I really wanted to use this Groucho Marx quote:

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Sure it makes no sense, it doesn’t completely work in the context of the post, but it’s funny so here ’tis!

However, to time. Funny funny thing is time. There’s just never enough of it, even for procrastinating. You need a good stretch of time to fit in a decent amount of procrastinating.

Unfortunately that’s not been my issue lately. My challenge is the common lament of working mothers – finding and actually using time that’s for myself, just me.

Instead I find I steal time from other things, time from work, time from friends, from my little man, from my husband, from sleep, from my TV watching (can’t believe I missed 2 eps of the new How I Met Your Mother!). Surely all these people would notice their missing time, and where exactly is all this bonus time I’ve misappropriated?

Don’t look at me, I’ve no idea – I still haven’t got enough.

So what have I decided to do, to free up some time, to get my manuscript finished so that I can actually benefit from the First Draft Postmortem class I’ve signed up to, the class where the first 5 pages and synopsis is due tomorrow?

Well I really want to do this competition posted over on the Terrible Minds blog – where you hit shuffle on your music device and write a 1000 word short story using the song title as the story title. How cool! Because let’s face it, I need another short deadline writing project to fit into the time I’ve stolen!

First time I hit shuffle I scored a gem Ne Me Quitte Pas, Nina Simone it means Don’t Leave Me, if that’s not inspiration then nothing is. It could so easily have been a Black Eyed Peas number, now there’s some weird song titles.

SO, there’s writing to be done, there’s deadlines, it’s just the time that’s missing. And you know what, I owe some to the Bman (hubby) and my Little Man. I think they’re gonna get paid back first. The stealing will be from my sleep, I just know it.


3 responses to “Time, how much for a sliver or two?

  1. I use song titles often in my posts – strangely enough the title comes after I’ve written the post. By the way, thanks for visiting my site.


    • I’ll check back on your site often, I love all the things in your title, food, phtography and france. And as a writer I am eternally grateful you didn’t fall for the trick of then spelling photography with an ‘f’!


  2. Hi,

    I like that Marx quote too. It’s not just a nonsense line though, it’s a good example of how English grammar is so hard to parse.

    Good luck with the manuscript!


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