The magnificient nine!

Shameless plug, I currently have 491 hits total, just nine shy of a magical 500. Would so love to hit this mark still being in March. That would make my fledgling little blog achieve a serious milestone in its first month.

SO how to tempt some elusive readers….. gratuitous rude words in the title, misleading heading suggesting fame and potential fortune, cute puppy pic….hmmm.

How about referring to some of the blogs I’ve been  to click on today in the wordpress dash, and then letting them know? Cheeky but also respectful, I hope. I’ve genuinely enjoyed reading what these people have posted today, I’m sure you will too.

How to write a love scene – thanks Merry Farmer, I’ll be needing that advice at some point and I’ve bookmarked your post for future reference. Cos I referred to a love scene as ‘doin it’ in your comments, I need help, with the writing, not the doin. Geez just stop and move on this is getting awkward!

Just a fabulous and inspirational project – The Afghan Women’s Writing Project. Please read it, so worthy, so humbling.

The farewell letter from Scott of the Antarctic (although I’m sure he was born somewhere far less exotic and should be Scott of Slough or something far less poetic, but I digress) to his wife at Duffy the Writer

And perhaps just one more, I tried to repress this but failed in my technology skills. One moment and I shall go and find it….

Speak amongst yourselves, back in a mo.

Nuts, can’t find it, it was Melville’s writing rules and really really good. Nuts, will find it for another day.

But basically, I wanted to say thank you to those in the blogging world, it has amazed me to see complete strangers read and comment on what I’ve written. Thanks to my friends and loved ones and also thanks to my readers in unexpected countries, Denmark like me, Belgium and Ireleand don’t mind me and the Phillippines and India are vaguely intersted, thanks to you all 😛

Now to figure out how to ping those blogs…


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