A date with my characters

I have been naughty and neglectful of my poor characters. They’ve been stuck in a suspended state of animation for weeks now. I’ve been off gallivanting around New Zealand, reading too many lovely and inspiring blogs, working too hard, blah, blah, blah.

Hello, are you still there? What happens next?? Write the next chapter for crying out loud!

In the meantime these poor characters have been stranded, and exciting things happened to them really recently. They must be so p’ed off at me right now. I’d be furious at me if I were them.

Surely they want to know what’s going to happen next, to be honest so do I.

But I promise to get back to them, to get back to writing. I kind of need to. It’s an odd odd sensation, I write everyday for work, but I’m feeling antsy, almost anxious because I need to get back to my manuscript. I really really do.

This Easter break I WILL find some hours to let those poor characters know a little more of their journey. And even more exciting I convinced the wonderful Bman of the perfect birthday present for me (my birthday is on Easter Sunday, three more sleeps, not that I’m counting or anything) – a mini writing retreat.

Look at those books, so beautiful! From cimarron.com.au

I found a fabulous B&B not too far from where I live, worked out a deal and will actually head off for 2 nights in early May. Two nights away from Little Man (which I’ve never done before), a couple of days to just write, oh and sleep in, never underestimate the sheer luxury of sleep, sleep in the mornings, I remember sleep in the mornings, I think.

Snap out of it! A writing retreat – yeah baby!! That sounds so writerly. I am unreasonably excited – yippee 🙂


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