Birth of a Book

How lovely is this video, it’s not just the author that puts their heart into the Birth of a Book.

I’ve seen this clip on a couple of sites lately, can’t quite recall who’s blog I saw it on first, but I just adore it.


5 responses to “Birth of a Book

  1. so whens yours going to be made ???????? want to read it !!!!!!!!


  2. Me too!! Did your characters get up to anything interesting over the Easter break??


    • Hi Bec! My characters, well one anyway, got an extra 1500 words and uncharacteristically got drunk in a bar! Hoping the other main character gets 1500 words this weekend as well.
      Thanks for asking and thanks for stopping by, really appreciate it 🙂


  3. Lovely, is the perfect word for this video. It is lovely, indeed.


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