Words words words words

Short and sweet today. Hmm, WordPress is putting my draft in white text, like it’s a super code or something, the preview is fine, it’s just like I’m writing a top secret document. Apologies for any oddness.

So anyhoo, there’s a TV advertisment that’s on at the moment that I just love, I have a feeling it’s for a healthy breakfast cereal or something, but the cool part is the woman shopping for jeans is looking at the sizes and instead of them being numbers they are words like ‘confidence’ ‘fabulous’ and ‘brlliant’ or something like that. I seriously wish I could grab a pair of jeans and realise that today I am ‘divine’ – btw they would be my fat jeans ๐Ÿ™‚

However my point is that word choice makes a difference. Some of us need to carefully consider every word, some flow easily and the right, or correct, or appropriate, or adequate word comes instinctively, or naturally, or the first time etc.

Word choice impacts on the overall emotions of what you are writing, wearing ‘brilliant’ jeans rather than size ‘large’ would certainly make me smile, wearing jeans ‘sluggish’ rather than ‘small’ would also have an impact.

What emotion are you trying to convey? Choose your words carefully, or perhaps just be conscience of your choices. Maybe your scene isn’t working, don’t necessarily trash it, perhaps you just need to substitute a word or two, to change the emotion of the scene.

This invisible typing has been very odd, hope to goodness it recovers…


5 responses to “Words words words words

  1. Hope it recovers. Not easy to be able to type something you can’t see, but you’ve done an excellent job. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I always enjoy your posts so much, and how searingly honest you are about the writing and publishing process. I’ve just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award and hope you have the time to take part.


  3. Because of Marina I happened upon your blog, and it seems that I must have writer’s eyes to be able to decipher or decode your invisible, secret text, which I really enjoyed reading. And yes, word choice is key to evoking the correct emotion and that to me is where the craft of writing lies … in evoking feelings, thoughts …


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