And the winner is – ME!

So I woke up this morning. ba da da da duh, had an achin’ head, ba da da da duh.

No you haven’t stumbled onto a blues blog, but I did want to share my happiness when I woke up this morning and opened my email to discover something that just made my day – a Leibster award! I’ve seen other posts from bloggers who have been nominated for one of the various awards floating around the blogophere but never seriously thought about the fact that I could possibly receive one.

So thank you thank you to MarinaSofia who has the most beautifully named blog – findingtimetowrite the fact that this nomination comes from someone I only know through this blogging adventure just makes it all the more fabbo! So thank you Marina!

Now part of my obligations of being a proud award recipient, in addition to the backstage interview with Ryan Seacrest and a magazine shoot of course, is to thank the nominator – check. Paste the Leibster Award logo – check.

Nominate 5 others – this one’s gonna be tough, I follow a few blogs, WordPress reader is my biggest procrastination tool afterall, but I suspect rather strongly there would be few who have yet to receive this award. I’ll give it a go, apologies to any who have already been awarded.

1) First up, Little Miss Megsy – you want honest and no holds barred, Little Miss Megsy is your Gal! This is one of the few non writing related blogs I follow, in fact it’s a pregnancy related one, which I am thankfully, not. But Little Miss Megsy is a colleague and one heck of a funny gal. Visit her! Nomination 1.

2) Someone that must definitely have already received this is Jarrod who also has an incredibly brilliant blog name – lick the fridge . I just love receiving emails with an update from lick the fridge! He is currently writing a fabulous series of posts where you can write a letter to him, on anything you desire and he will write you back. Jarrod’s father realised he was gay late in life, hence Jarrod’s mother and Jarrod himself, therefore many letters are in this vein, but all are thoughtful, considered and just some fabulous writing. Enjoy. Nomination 2.

3) Another in the sure to already have been nominated category is the absolutely gorgeous katemcaffrey at 365til30 – reading her blog sounds like chatting to a friend. I LOVE that. She is currently on a road trip and is in New Mexico, her photos are beautiful and her year long journey to the age of 30 is hilarious, she recently had to break up with the tango, enough said. Visit and laugh. Nomination 3.

4) Writer, geek, wanderer – gracetopia for the life of me I can’t recall how I stumbled on grace or perhaps she stumbled on me first and I returned, and keep returning. Funny funny lady and I literally just received a notification of her latest post and there’s a picture of her at comic con! You must visit! Nomination 4.

5) And last but not least is my most frequent commenter and post liker – creativityorcrazy. I feel like I’m not alone on my journey when I read her comments and her posts – thanks Sabrina!! Nomination 5.

Feel free to have a little nap time in my longest post ever. There’s more to come.

Last and definitely least I’m to list 10 random things about myself –

* I bought a bike on the weekend – it’s so cool!

* I’m currently working 2 jobs, busy Bel!

* I’m also currently over-using exclamation marks in my blog lists by the looks

* I tend to cheat on lists with things like the point above and this one

* The one I use most on leadership training days is – I have landed on a highway in a helicopter, true story

* Do I seriously need 10, who cares that much, um, I am unreasonably excited about the self created writing retreat I have created for myself in May at this beautiful location:

* I once had my socially unacceptable habit of correcting the spelling and apostrophe use on menus, chalkboards and store signage under control, but it has again been unleashed and is out of control – sorry all

* I’m terrible at maths and consequently making this point number 10!! (note the exclamation marks ๐Ÿ™‚ )

4 responses to “And the winner is – ME!

  1. Cogratulations on your award and I appreciate the nomination. Love your picture of the nice writing retreat…looks cozy.


  2. I like the look of the retreat too – well done on your award ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Thank you for your kind words about my blog – and I’m glad that the nomination brightened up your day! You most certainly deserve it. Hey, where is that retreat? I could go there and not come out again for weeks…!


    • The retreat is over here in Australia on the beautiful surf coast in a little town called Aireys Inlet, it’s not far from home but is secluded and away from the laundry and the dishes and the dog that needs walking etc. etc.


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