Inadvertant alcoholics – my bad

I think perhaps I’m accidentally making my characters alcoholics.

I most often write at night, when Little Man is sleeping soundly, blankets kicked to kingdom come, BMan watching a film or listening to an audio book and I pull out my lovely little red netbook, open a cheeky little chardy and start typing.

Problem is, while I sip, enjoying the wine, I write reisling, chardonnay, pinot, baileys, cointreau into the scenes.

Sorry characters, apparently there are 12 steps, I’ll do some research.

Perhaps if I wrote in a coffee shop they’d be jittery caffeine addicts who can’t sleep at night, or if I took my netbook to a park bench by the river just down the hill from here they’d be calm and zen like.

But nope, my characters are borderline alcoholics. Whoops.


7 responses to “Inadvertant alcoholics – my bad

  1. Poor characters πŸ™‚


  2. I think I need to check my stories…


  3. Well, it could be worse? LOL

    That said, maybe I need to check to see if one of my characters comes in under the toxic dose of caffeine. I don’t think I’ve ever written him without a mug full of java.


    • Funny isn’t it? In fact it was your comment about the shot of espresso in the regular coffee that kinda prompted my realisation, plus I currently have a glass of Wolf Blass red label chardonnay balancing on the couch arm πŸ™‚


  4. Some of my characters smoke, and I don’t even have any excuse because I don’t smoke. πŸ™‚


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