One day to go!!

The Count Down (yes it gets capitals and I LOATHE overcaptalisation!) is on people! Tomorrow night I will start my self designed writer’s retreat.

I should give it a name shouldn’t I – The Cimarron Sessions maybe? I am a terrible copywriter, headlines, tag lines and photo captions are just not my thing so I suspect that’s as witty as I’ll get, otherwise we’re looking at ‘Alreadynotpublished’s writing retreat’ – ho hum!

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • sleeping in, although that is unlikely to happen as I have been indoctrinated into the early wake up, sigh
  • nanna nap!
  • writing, lots
  • reading, hopefully not as much as the writing
  • a cheeky chardy
  • cycling into town for a naughty pastry or the like
  • missing BMan and my Little Man!
  • posting new flash fiction




7 responses to “One day to go!!

  1. Sounds nice. Wish you lots of uninterrupted happy writing time. 🙂


  2. Enjoy–sounds like a fab idea!


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