Cimarron Session – flash fiction

Of dinosaurs and eagles.

I am one of Chuck Wendig’s penmonkeys and love his flash fiction challenges. This week he simply challeged us to write a 1000 word piece that featured dinosaurs. Sadly he called his post Must Love Dinosaurs – my protagonist does not.

As my lovely readers know I am at my first Cimarron Session and this is my first writing effort from my writing retreat. My gorgeous room here at Cimarron B&B is the Eagle Room, hence my eagle protagonist in this piece.

This story is something out of the ordinary for me, hope you like it, please comment!!

Of dinosaurs and eagles

From his vantage the giant beasts seemed insignificant. Not quite ant like, it would take a height far higher than he was capable to make the hulking, stupid creatures seem that small.

Still, perched on a craggy outcropping, in the thin air at high altitude, the eagle felt vastly superior. Far below, on the plain, among the long grass, in the forest and deep in the lake, the dinosaurs reigned. Some lumbered, ponderous and clumsy, others small and skittish, all thick headed and stupid.

Even the meat eaters, those that relied on their cunning, strength or size to keep them sustained were beneath the eagle’s contempt. He watched them from his aerie, saw their attempts at stealth and, if he’d been able to, laughed aloud.

Even the most fearsome, the most successful hunters had ridiculous incapacities, tiny arms, lateral eyes, fragile unprotected young.

It baffled the eagle how such a poorly designed creature could dominate the environment for such a long time. He cocked his head to the side and blinked rapidly the thought twisted in his brain, he was unable to make sense of the idiocy that mother nature had displayed in allowing the dinosaurs such carte blanche superiority for so long.

The eagle shifted his weight from his right talon to his left and back again. A shudder ran down his body, his right wing stretched slightly out from his body, just enough for the trailing feathers to separate slightly in the strong wind.

Read the remainder here.


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