Ready, set, write!

What more could a girl want? Glass of chardy, a gorgeous fire, a LOT of books, quiet, lots of quiet, some cheese and bikkies and my laptop!

Yes I am finally at my self designed writing retreat, heretofore to be referred to as the inaugural Cimarron Session! (Cimarron being the name of the B&B I have stumbled upon)

BMan and Little Man dropped me off, Little Man falling asleep in the car well before we arrived (it’s about a 40 minute drive from our house, if that). Naturally I realised after they had left I had left my handbag in the car. No phone reception in my aerie but thankfully there was downstairs. The long suffering BMan turned around and came back for me. He even managed to not sound frustrated despite the fact that he was up at the crack of dawn so he could get back from work early so I could start my little adventure and he is bone tired. Bless him!

Enough diarising already, to tonight’s task.

I am going to complete a flash fiction challenge tonight and post it prior to retiring to what looks like a very comfy bed. That way I can have a good run at my manuscript in the morning.

To the word processor!


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