Cimarron Session – building the word count

WIP word count at the start of the Cimarron Session 32,286

Let the writing commence!

SO this morning after the most divine home made, home toasted muesli, chock full of nuts and other yumminess (yes I’m a wordsmith, and yes yumminess is the correct word choice in this instance), some great coffee, an almond croissant I didn’t need but still had to eat, I brought my shiny red lap top to the verandah.

The scene – tiny grey and red finches hopping around my feet where the rosellas had been that morning and the kangaroos had been last night. Native bushland stretching down the hill in front of me, the sweeping bay and grey ocean just beyond that. I can’t see a road, a power pole or another house from where I sit. It’s pretty cold, but if I type fast enough, I’ll keep my fingers warm. The softest rain is falling, I hope it clears as I want to ride my bike into town later!

Anyway, stop distracting me, I need to write! Here’s to the word count climbing.


One response to “Cimarron Session – building the word count

  1. Sounds tought, but someone’s got to do it… Wishing you the bestest inspiration!


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