Cimarron Session – flash fiction 2

Rioting butterflies

Tonight’s flash fiction challenge wrote itself really really quickly, which will be great for blog reader Rebecca as she wanted to read it before bed – you ask I deliver Bec!

So Chuck Wendig who really puts out the best flash fiction challenges I can find provided a link to a site that generates names for American military operations, we were to choose one and use the title for the story. So please enjoy

Rioting butterflies

The teacher stood at the front of the class. As she did every day.

She had loved school, that’s why she had become a teacher in the first place. Sure, like every kid even she’d had days where she didn’t want to go. Days when she’d faked nausea to get her nanna to come in her pale blue Holden and collect her, and they’d go back to her place where the clock ticked loudly and play checkers and eat honey toast and sip on luke warm sweet tea. Who wouldn’t want to skip school to do that.

But overall she’d loved school.

She looked over her class. The most flattering description she could summon was they were a motley bunch. These kids sure as hell did not love school.

As a group they were surly, disinterested, rebellious, disengaged, unreachable. Good god she didn’t even know how she dragged herself out of bed to come here each morning. Thank everything that was holy she wouldn’t have to do it ever again after Friday.

In the back corner, always the back corner, did students think there was some sort of forcefield that protected them from a teachers’ gaze, really. In the back corner two girls were tattooing themselves with a compass point, one had a ring through her nose, the other had one side of her head shaved, the remainder sticking in the air like a cockatoo.

Read the rest here


3 responses to “Cimarron Session – flash fiction 2

  1. Wow! That was quick! It’s not bed time yet, so I’ll save it til then!


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