Cimarron Session – pics

I thought you guys might be interested in the Cimarron of the Cimarron Session, so here’s some pics for you.

Above is my cosy sleeping area.

The view from my bed.

The sitting area of my room – the Eagle Room, love it!

Where I’ve been doing most of my writing, so lovely! The room, not so much the dork in the corner of the pic 🙂

Breakfast is always going to taste fabulous when it’s presented like this. Such a huge collection of beautiful vintage fiesta ware, with such a great story behind it I’m thinking of stealing it! The story, not the crockery!

Back to the writing, a little longer on the manuscript and maybe a flash fiction to post late tonight….


4 responses to “Cimarron Session – pics

  1. Flash fiction please! It was fun to go to sleep last night with thoughts of a proud eagle.
    Hope the writing juices are flowing for you this weekend!


    • You got it! Just decided to pause on the manuscript – almost 3,500 words today, happy!
      Cheeky rose tonight 🙂 let’s see what flash fiction that brings on, pressure is on to get it done and posted before Bec’s bed time, never had a deadline quite like that before


  2. Lovely place. Love the wood and the view. 🙂


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