Daily Archives: June 18, 2012

Don’t go telling me how to write, I already know it all, don’t I?

I hate those posts where bloggers apologise for not having posted in a while. So I won’t.

Moving on.

Nova Ren Suma posted about pumping up your daily word count and directed to this rather long and at first daunting seeming post about a technique of increasing your daily word count from 2,000 words a day to 10,000 a day.

Now word count is a really personal thing, and I find those numbers astounding, mindblowing in fact. There’s no way I write anywhere near those kind of figures, and to be honest I’m not even going to attempt it.
But I’d love to increase my word count, with good, quality words of course, and once I got past a scary looking graph, the tips the author wrote about were actually really good.
The way I write is perfect for me, of course it is, but it evolves and changes, maybe only little bits, but nothing stays the same, especially when it involves personal creativity. And it would be incredibly conceited of me to think I know it all and couldn’t improve my processes.
Once I got over myself, the one thing that I found worked particularly well for me this week was a tip I genuinely never thought would suit me at all .

Of course I also look this great in my jeans 🙂

I am a proud pantser. Write by the seat of my pants, minimal planning. I kinda know where everything’s going but the writing of the moment generally leads me.

However the idea of writing down a really rough plan of what needs to happen in the next bit (I can’t bring myself to say that I actually write scenes, that sounds way too organised for me – silly isn’t it) – the sketching out was incredibly helpful.

I had been stuck at a point for quite a while and consequently hadn’t really written anything. On Friday I say down in a fabulous coffee shop I just discovered and scribbled down where I needed the next bit to get me to. And then suddenly I could actually see a way to get there, My current WIP (work in progress for my non-writing friends out there) is in two voices, I was able to scribble down what I needed each of the two view points to achieve.


Simple, simple.

How can something so simple, something so anti-me.

I guess it’s true, it’s all about timing. If someone had suggested to me I needed to sketch out a scene in order to help me write it I would have responded negatively, don’t put me in a box man, you can’t make me conform to your rules man.

Sorry, apologies again.

But you know what, I say down and wrote, a good number of words for me, scenes I was happy about. Even better, I was crazy excited to get to the next bit, cos I knew what I was going to write.

Great motivation for writing and almost by side effect, an increasing word count.

So thanks, Nova and thanks Rachel.

You have helped me evolve, and I have to go now cos I want to write more!