Small flaw in the process

So after my fabulous revelation and the wonderful success of my newly instituted scene sketching technique, I discovered a flaw in the technique. Sure it comes down to user error rather than a problem with the technique itself –

Don’t lose the damn notebook, Bel you idiot!!

4 responses to “Small flaw in the process

  1. I lose things faster than I know at times. We have a saying around here : we know where everything is, it’s somewhere. 🙂
    Hope you find your notebook soon.


  2. Nothing is lost until Mum can’t find it!
    I found it, on my desk at one of my 2 jobs (only one more week of 2 jobs then just one, oh plus the mum and the wife and the cook and laundress and…)


  3. Your post made me do a spit take on my computer. New rule: no more coffee at my desk.


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