Really well disguised procrastination

aka Procrastination with Purpose

So I’ve been having a grand ol’ time working on my manuscript but haven’t written a single new or additional word.

However I feel like I’m still moving forward and keep wanting to get back to it each night. So what the heck have I actually been doing?

I’ve downloaded a trial version of the writing program Scrivener. I’ve heard about this program off and on for the past three years or so – all good things. It’s supposed to be the beez kneez in manuscript and stage

image from

image from

writing. One teeny, and not actually significant, detail that I really like is that the trial period is 30  days of actual use, if you take three weeks off it doesn’t eat into your trial period – nice!

I’ve spent the last little while putting my existing manuscript into the program, it’s kinda complicated but well worth it.

The program creates index cards for you, allows you to drag the scenes around, group stuff, it’s very dynamic.

It’s taking me a little while to sort it out how it all works, and to complicate matters I also signed up to dropbox to start saving stuff to the nebulous internet cloud, but as my story involves two alternating viewpoints, I think this is going to be really helpful.

In 28 days (of use) I’ll be purchasing a license I think, my budget queen is a blog reader, prepare to enter a new expenditure! However it’s only $US45! If I’d bought it before our $Aus crashed it would have been an even bigger bargain, c’est la vie 🙂

So perhaps it is procrastination, but it’s procrastination with purpose!


2 responses to “Really well disguised procrastination

  1. I’ve heard good things about Scrivener from a number of people, so this may look to the unitiated like procrastination, but it could end up a very good thing in the long run.


    • So far it’s been pretty pleasing to use, I’ll have to google a couple of things to suss a bit more out and I get the impression that the more you use it and become familiar with it, the more features you uncover. So far I’ve got the manuscript inputted – step two coming up, actual writing!


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