Daily Archives: August 18, 2013

The Simple Things

So down here downunder a very popular soap had an emotional season finale this last week. And what struck me in particular was that part of the power of the finale, which included the death of one of the main characters and then the birth of his child to his grieving partner – was the mundaneness (Word? not a word? shrug) of the events.

The acting was not mundane, the gut punch that was delivered, not mundane, but the circumstances of the death, the progression of the impending doom – all completely undramatic (again a word?) and therefore completely believable.

Because these incredibly dramatic events were presented in a way that seemed as though they could easily have happened in any of our lives. Our average, normal, workaday lives. We were left confused, surprised at how quickly it happened.

Keep it simple, when your reader can relate, and truly believes, man that can give those scenes some real kick in the guts power.