An affair begins…

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Brand me with a scarlet letter A – I do believe I’m a cheater.

I confess that today I started an affair, I think I’ve started cheating on my Work in Progress. <<hang my head in shame>>

I’ve had an idea bouncing around in my head since my Cimarron session and at the library today I just spontaneously started some research – real proper research. And I’m just so excited!

There’s actually going to be a bunch of research needed for this story, and it will be wide ranging. The manuscript will include a number of linked short stories, which I love to write.

cimmsess5So far I’ve contacted an expert in vintage american pottery to help with prices of some pieces in the late 1930s, ordered in a special book on 1930s cruise liners and pulled out a recipe book in which my grandmother wrote some of her recipes I remember so clearly.

I plan to tie in some little family stories and some of the characters will be nods to some of my family members, however they will only provide the inspiration – my grandfather for instance will actually go back a generation, he was a trombone player in the Royal Australian Airforce, however I’m turning him into a trombone player in a band on a cruise ship in the 1930s. And that’s about where the similarities end, although I may use his christian name.

So please don’t judge me, but be excited, sure I’ve moved on to something new and shiny but I’m not abandoning my old friend, I’m just shifting it off to a dark corner – mwa ha ha ha!

So – gotta run, I’m working late <<nudge, nudge, wink wink>>

2 responses to “An affair begins…

  1. I think there are often advantages to working on two projects at once, though I know it can seem somewhat… improper. 🙂

    Here’s a really good blog post on that topic:


    • Thanks Anthony, I think perhaps the renewed enthusiasm from the new project can spill over into renewed enthusiasm overall – at least that;s how I’m justifying it to my WIP – do I need to call it something else now? I kinda have two WIPs now don’t I?
      Thanks for that link, you’re right it’s spot on!


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