The real deal

elianneI went to my first ever author talk tonight – Judy Nunn, author of a dozen Australian historical novels, more than a million books sold worldwide, spoke at my little local library. She was promoting her latest novel Elianne. I’ve read a couple of her novels in the past and enjoyed them, gave them to my lovely mother in law to also enjoy.

I quite enjoyed the evening, Judy’s anecdotes and reading. I cringed at the questions that were asked, but she handled them with grace and even when the lady said her mother had a fascinating life and would Judy like to write it – didn’t make anyone feel foolish.

signatureI queued up (not for long, I was like 3rd in line) and got my book signed which was nice, had a quick chat about outlining or seat of the plants writing and I was on my way.

My neck of the woods is spoiled for choice with author visits at the moment – George RR Martin is in town and Matthew Reilly is also nearby this week.

Sadly I can’t make the other two but it just makes me happy that the literary scene is so active at the moment!


For the record it takes her about a year of research and then a year of writing. She writes most days, the title often comes as the very last thing. If for some reason she has to take an extended break from writing her work-in-progress and, as she said, remove herself from that world, she’ll do some all caps typing of the things she has planned for the following chapters so that she can come back to the same place with the same plans again.


2 responses to “The real deal

  1. It’s fun going to hear other authors talk and hear about their writing experiences. I’ve heard there’s no right or wrong way to writing. I met an author the other day who plans out his whole book and then writes the entire manuscript in three or four days, and then he won’t write again for several months. I’ve heard Nora Roberts writes a book a month. And now I hear Judy Nunn spends a year writing hers. I think as long as we keep writing, whatever our style, that’s all that matters.

    It’s great that you were able to get a new perspective on writing, and I agree it’s also great that so many authors are able to talk about their writing near where we live. What did she tell the listener who wanted Nunn to write about her mother’s life?


    • She was very gracious, said she doesn’t write other people’s stories, her characters are pure fiction. She said that the lady would be best to find someone in her own family that would be wonderful to write it and that everyone has it in them to write a book – that not all need to be published.

      That’s incredible the guy that can write his manuscript in three or four days!


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