‘Twas the night before

Pic by oskay via everystockphoto.com

Pic by oskay via everystockphoto.com

Take a deep breath, everything is going to be ok, I know I’ve given you a bit of a fright, it being Halloween and all and me being absent from this blog for a long time, but don’t be scared, come on over.

So today is Oct 31 – Halloween for many folks, Friday night for many others, but for us nutcase writerly types it is the eve of Nanowrimo.

No, not a disease or obscure pagan festival but National Novel Writing Month. This is an annual online event that has the sole aim of participants writing an entire 50,000 word manuscript Participant-2014-Square-Buttonin the month of November. I participated a number of years ago (wow I just looked it up and it was in Nov 2009! eep!) and wrote This is no holiday. Now writing 50k words in a months means 1667 words a day, every day That’s no mean feat, so no one is saying that they’re gonna be good words, however i was pretty pleased with my efforts last time. I fund it challenging but achievable, Bman may tell you a different story as he was the one who had to live with me.

So to November 2014 – I’m going to give it another shot, for a wide variety of reasons out family is looking at a pretty challenging end to this calendar year so I may be behind the 8 ball from the get go, but I have a (poorly planned and not at all fleshed out) concept and that’s all I had last time. So on to it!

I’ve stockpiled some blog posts over the last couple of weeks so I’ll program them and no doubt insert some current ones as to how I am progressing – apologies if it gets a little disjointed on here over the next month.

Welcome back if you are still here, wish me luck!


6 responses to “‘Twas the night before

  1. I’m still here, Bel! Looking forward to reading more from your pen (or keyboard, to be more accurate). Here’s a challenge – try and incorporate a cooking class into one of your stories 🙂


  2. Welcome back. Good luck!

    “A ‘poorly planned and not at all fleshed out’ concept” — what more do you need? That’s generally been my method. 🙂


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