Would I lie to you?

Under the cover of darkness I have crept back, through hardships unknown I have fought my way back.

KeepCalmStudio.com-[Crown-Upside-Down]-Keep-Calm-It-s-True-This-Blog-s-Back-againOk so that’s possibly a tad over dramatic. I have returned, I have no decent excuse for such a protracted absence – life interfered, pesky imp that it is.

But with renewed vigour I am back writing again, and I’ve done a sneaky little thing. I wrote this post <<insert time frame>> ago (you know I’m leaving that in as typed, cos that’s how I roll, deliberate typos so that you then assume the others are deliberate and ironic, yeah that’ll work). Seriously though, this post was written in late August.

Why the posting delay you ask? I’ve restarted this blog in the past and fallen off the wagon, I didn’t want this to be a repeat of past performance. So today I started writing again, outlining, but the juices are flowing. I’m chronicling the restart and also plan to restart the blog. But I want a volume of work again, I want a habit re-established and sustained, I want to be able to make sure it sticks.

So I’m writing, and I’m blogging as I go, it will just be a little while till I post. But rest assured, if you’re reading this post, there are many to follow, I have a back log, well I will have, I don’t yet today while I’m typing, but I do today as you’re reading. Get it? Phew, I’m glad someone does.

Talk to you again, well tomorrow maybe? Let me know.

It feels great to be back – Bel.


4 responses to “Would I lie to you?

  1. Great to have you back and I do hope it sticks!


  2. It is a great feeling when the words start to come, isn’t it? I was stuck on one point in my current story (my characters were going to have a dinner that was pleasant and perhaps a little formal, but which would have been dull as dirt to read about, and I had to figure out how to convey certain information to the readers without boring them silly), but it just got unstuck yesterday and now I’ve got the scene almost done. Feels good.

    “I have a back log, well I will have, I don’t yet today while I’m typing, but I do today as you’re reading. Get it? Phew, I’m glad someone does.”

    So… I’m guessing time travel is involved?


    • I’m intrigued how you handled it – sometimes I find myself getting “dull as dirt” and a little too pedantic about ‘how can they check their mobile phone if they didn’t lift it up, or take it away from their ear’ that kinds of stuff, I understand sometimes it is important to get someone from point A to point B but perhaps I can relax on the way someone takes a call and let the reader picture it themselves.


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