In the shower

Water_interior_light_227488_lNow I know I’m not alone here, and it’s not even just a writing/writer thing, but how many of us come up with great ideas when you are in the shower?

I think it’s something to do with the lack of external stimuli, the sudden alone time with nothing to focus on but the thoughts bumping around in your head. It’s a great place to make plans and come up with solutions and ideas.

Given how many of us solve the problems of (our own) universe in the shower, I believe I’m yet to read in any novel a contemplative shower scene. I wonder why that is? Not that I’m planning one myself but it was just a thought I had … when I was in the shower.

Perhaps it has something with having to have the character DO something while they are there, you have to describe something other than the thoughts in their head….


2 responses to “In the shower

  1. Well, you said you just had the idea, and that you’re not planning to actually do it, so that raises the question of why not. 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve ever written a shower scene. I did write one bath scene, but that was a two-person bath and there wasn’t really any quiet contemplation going on.

    When I think about any aspect of storytelling, I always think about movies, since that’s my biggest influence. In most situations, lessons in one form apply to the other, but this is one where the rules are completely different, since shower scenes in movies are, of course, all about the visuals.

    I remember the movie White Out, where Kate Beckinsale played a federal marshall, assigned to an outpost in Antarctica. So, for most of the movie she’s bundled up in parkas and so on, but right at the beginning the director threw in a (hilariously, obviously) unnecessary shower scene. Other than fan service, there was no possible reason for it.

    On the other hand, there was a joke about this built into one of the Resident Evil movies, where you think you’re about to be given a gratuitous shower scene with Milla Jovovich, and then the director turns it into a clever joke on the viewers who were looking forward to that (at least that’s how I read the scene).

    Stoker had a shower scene where the person taking the shower definitely comes to a realization during it. That’s the only one I can think of off hand.

    Then there”s Psycho…


    • Some great shower scenes there! Thanks for the trip down celluloid memory lane there. But I think you’ve also helped highlight my point, shower scenes tend to be a visual medium and even kind of poke fun at themselves when done cleverly like the ones you described. I came up with my my next road block cleared in my head – you guessed it, in the shower.
      While text is a great media for conveying internal dialogue and introspected thought, it’s tough to convincingly do that in a shower location. Really appreciate your comments!


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