Ask and you shall receive – kinda

Okay blog friends, I have a teeny update for you, for two of you in particular.

Beck – I’ve included a cooking class in my manuscript I’m writing now. It reflects the class we did, but in no way reflects the way I felt about the class – you know how much I loved it.

Anthony Lee Collins – I included an introspective shower scene and managed not to make it a cheats was of flashback back story, I hope 🙂 maybe one day I’ll get you to beta read the manuscript for me…

That is all for now, as you were.



6 responses to “Ask and you shall receive – kinda

  1. Wait! We all enjoy a good introspective shower scene – well, I think it is safe to say we all experience them anyway.


    • Your right! Of course the scene is for all, and I think it’s valuable to write scenes that have a ring of the familiar for people, even if you are writing of aliens in mythical galaxies the reactions of the characters are the familiar touchstone, unlikely to be a shower scene in that scenario though!

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      • I’m reading Under the Skin, as I talked about on my blog, and there’s an introspective shower scene in there.

        The protagonist, an alien, though not in a faraway galaxy, showers and reflects on the repulsive, hairless (human) form she’s been forced into (permanently), and the limited career options that led her make this choice. It’s a good scene, giving some back story without it feeling forced, since it flows naturally out of what she’s doing.

        Things have been too crazy to allow any time for beta reading for the last couple of years, but they may be settling down. Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll see what seems possible. I’ve been burned a couple of times by people who agreed and then vanished, so I try not to say yes unless I’m sure I can do it.


      • Well done on finding one! And you’re right, maybe it is also quite a subtle way of sneaking some back story in…


  2. Can’t wait to read your book

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