Does time evaporate?

Illness side tracked me for a week or so, you’ll never know due to the magic of pre-saved and post-posted blogs. But it did stall me from writing for the duration. Not thinking, or planning, but words on screen = 0.

Back into it today (truly the first day I have felt well, pleased it coincided with a day I had free) and I am becoming aware I am not quite back into the routine of writing. I like what I am writing it’s just that I manage to fill a good few hours before hand with distraction, procrastination, junk.

I don’t know why, it’s pure self sabotage. I arrive at the library, excited, keen to get started, feeling lucky that I have the hours before me and then I Facebook, read the news online, I don’t even know what else, but bam, time is used up.

Finally I get into it, get into the flow and mindset but I only have 2 hours left! Arrrrgggg! Why do I do it?

I need to retrain myself. Perhaps a quick burst of unrelated writing within a half hour of sitting down might work. Warm up the writing muscles.

Maybe a timer of some sorts – there used to be something called Write or Die, a timer based web tool that you could set to a word count and time limit. If you missed your goal a hideous noise would result. Seems this is now a paid option, much improved with rewards as well as sticks. In looking (yes procrastinating) I have found an alternative called Scrawl

Credit - image for the online product Scrawl:

Credit – image for the online product Scrawl (link in the post)

which looks like a nice option – I’ll give it a try.

Any other advice besides suck it up princess and just type you woos?

Not this time around (yet) but the website Morph Thing is a fantastic procrastination time waster – you can choose pics of celebs (or upload your own) and morph them together into, usually, gorgeous results. I’ve attempted to make character sketches this way but they tend to come out too incredibly pretty to be real life people. But hey, it’s fun and uses up an inordinate amount of time – have a try!! Hayden-Panettiere-and-Hillary-DuffHere’s Hayden Panetierre and Hillary Duff (I don’t know, they are just two in the H category) – no one in the real world could look like this!


Current Nano side note for you – word count is not on target but solid, the nano story I’m writing is actually the ‘warm up’ piece I mentioned above.


7 responses to “Does time evaporate?

  1. I can’t even begin to describe how much what you wrote describes me. I have tried everything, programs that block my access to all sites, turning off the internet, but it just seems like I always find a way to procrastinate and by the time I start working the whole day is gone. Great post!


  2. Can I join the club? That describes me too. It used to be that I genuinely had too much on my plate, but it seems that even when I don’t, I still find ways to fill up my days and ‘faff around’ until there’s just a couple of hours left… I’m thinking of using the Pomodoro Technique, which in my interpretation will go something like this: 1 hour of blog reading, Twittering, emailing, 1 hour of writing, 30 mins of other stuff, 90 minutes of writings and so on.


    • Seems this was a popular topic that we can all relate to! I happened to google the Pomodoro Technique the other day (okay, maybe I was faffing again!) and it makes sense, a concentrated burst of effort means I get more done in the 20 minutes than in the preceding 2 hours and feel so proud that I program another 20 minutes, and you get to ‘reward’ yourself with 20 minutes of, well faff!


  3. I think the biggest obstacle to writing is having too much time to do it. Nothing focuses mind like a half-hour lunch break at work. 🙂


    • I had never thought of it along those lines before, but you may be on to something. I remember vividly working in the PR department at a fancy school and arranging a photo shoot with the valedictorian, this student was also the school captain, played 2 sports to a high standard and were in the band as well as doing volunteer work and achieving academically, I expressed my amazement and the Principal said ‘If you want something done, give it to a busy person.’


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