It didn’t evaporate, the time flew

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pic from

I am quite glad now that I have been back logging these posts as life certainly got in the way of my writing recently. Even today I have only two quite small windows of opportunity, and I was determined, if I don’t make an effort today, it will be another whole week until I can hit the keys again. So here I am, in my preferred library spot, typing away.

I have two- yes TWO writing retreat Cimarron sessions planned, my longer suffering readers may remember back an age ago when I went on a self-styled writer’s retreat. Well thanks to my parents for a birthday present and also to myself for working some overtime and the BMan for suggesting I spend the $ on myself, I have booked two getaways to this lovely B&B.

Yippee me! I’ll write more on that in another post, I only have 25 mins left in the writing window and I haven’t even opened the file of my WIP!

Gotta go….


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