Insert words here (where the magic happens)


I wanted to share a pic of my writing space with you today. I have been writing at the library lately, which I do enjoy, however when I was there the air conditioning was incredibly cold that I had to leave.

So today I’m at home. Determined to avoid any housework and any snacking! We picked up this antique oak desk many years ago, I need a comfier chair but it will be fine for the time being. I’ve just cleared it of the many piles of random things it had been covered in. Sadly we are pilers in our house, if there’s a surface it will gradually be filled with piles of things rather than us putting the things away in the first place, it’s annoying, but it’s us. So that’s why the desk is eerily uncluttered, it’s unlikely to stay that way – but what a nice spot huh?

For those of you who are writers, I’d love to see where you write.


Love to hear from you

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