Bovine Balladeers – flash fiction

It has been quite some time since I have done one of the hirsute Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenges.

His most recent challenge was a throw down to a Buzz Feed article ’21 Stock Photos That No One Will Ever Be Able To Use’ and there are some doozies!! He challenged us to use one of the photos as inspiration.

I random number generated number 9, I’d love to paste the image here but I haven’t paid for the image and don’t know the copyright, so you’ll have to link the article and check the cows standing in front of a microphone. The result ‘Bovine Balladeers’.

Enjoy the first few paragraphs here, link to the Flash Fiction page is below 🙂 – I wrote this on the train ride home this afternoon.

Bovine Balladeers

It was inevitable, at least that was what Rosie said. Rosie had been with the Family at the County Fair when the cows had won the ribbon. She had seen their big eyes light with a fire never before seen in a bovine, well perhaps a bull at a certain time of year, but certainly not in a cow. Rosie said she knew it was a sign of trouble to come. But of course no one listened to Rosie anymore, Prince was the one the farmyard turned to.



Prince had arrived at the farm only a year ago. The Family had high hopes for him, they were determined he would take the showjumping world by storm. Of all the animals on the farm, Prince spent the most time with the Family, that’s why the other animals respected him. Rosie knew this was a mistake also. Prince wasn’t smart at all, he had come from a horse breeder, not a farm, he didn’t know how farms worked or how farm animals worked. He didn’t know that the sheep really weren’t afraid of Dog, or that once the chickens were in their roost for the night they hated to be disturbed, and if by some disaster their sleep was disrupted, well they were just impossible to be around the next day.

No, Prince didn’t know anything about the farm. Rosie did. Read the rest of Bovine Balladeers here.


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