Welcome to my world

Spending so much time in a world and sorry you’re creating out of your own head,  with people you have invented is a disorienting experience at times.

I often feel the same when I’m absorbed in a novel I’m reading. When I step away from my laptop it feels as though I am a little fuzzy and light headed,  not actually present in the real world. It takes a few moments to adjust,  sometimes up to half an hour.

There was no obvious image association - so here's some inspirational vintage-type labels :)

There was no obvious image association – so here’s some inspirational vintage-type labels 🙂

And the other bizarre thing, when you spend part of every day in this world, I keep finding myself wanting to get back to it, to see what’s going to happen next. It’s like I’m reading the novel and wondering about it constantly. This feeling of anticipation keeps on surprising me, I’d forgotten feeling like this when I wrote the last nano novel.

General update – You may be glad to hear I have no more pre written posts stacked up,  what you are reading is actually once again in real time. I’m kinda glad they are finished, it confused me, and I felt like they were all a bit the same.

Writing is going well at the moment,  the Nanowrimo novel is behind target bit I have managed more than 21,000 words so far, plus the 1,000 flash fiction I wrote yesterday,  that’s a pretty respectable weird count for November so far!


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