My bad… The devil’s in the details

yellow-oops--sign_23-2147501918There are places that typos can be graciously overlooked. Blog posts (surely) blog comments, sure us grammar/punctuation/spelling nerds will notice them, they jump out like, well you know… But it is petty to leap on a commenter or blog poster (post person, poster can’t possibly be right can it?) for a simple and obvious typo.

But then there are places where it really is inexcusable. Like if you work at Companies House, part of Britain’s department of business, innovation and skill. And really especially if your job that day was to list a company as going into liquidation. It’s really pretty important to spell it correctly, because the solvent and happily trading 140 year old company that has a very similar name, well they’re in trouble.

It was a bad, bad day in at Companies House for the person who listed Taylor & Sons Ltd as gone into liquidation when they should have listed Taylor & Son Ltd.

It was an even worse day for the 250 employees at Taylor & Sons Ltd who suddenly had orders cancelled and credit refused and the company ultimately were forced into administration.

Typos they’re more important than you thunk (see what I did there).

Read the article here.



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