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I have a couple of book reviews I need to write up and post, some diverse options which is nice.

Not sure if I mentioned it before but I am in a book group and so I get to read books I wouldn’t otherwise pick up. Of course in my household the second Friday of the month is more commonly referred to as wine club than book club – it has been surprisingly difficult to convince BMan that yes, we do actually spend quite a bit of time discussing the book, no really, we do!

wine clubAnyhoo, wine club is at my house for the first time this coming Friday and so I was responsible for choosing the book for everyone to read. It was funny I actually found it a really difficult task. I wanted to choose a good yarn but with a thought provoking issue that would inspire discussion, I also wanted to make sure it was easy for people to actually get their hands on. I also wanted it to be a new book to me. I finally settled on A state of wonder by Anne Patchett. I’m happy with my choice but will wait to write and post my  review and let you know how wine club goes on Friday 🙂

In quite the literary weekend for me, Saturday is the first day of my Refine Your Novel course. We are concentrating on plotting and structure and have been asked to bring along some kind of plot outline or synopsis. That’s what I’m working on today – my plot outline/synopsis. Arrr, the dreaded synopsis, I’m yet to start, I know it doesn’t need to be sparkling and brilliant, this is a writing workshop not an agent or editorial submission, but I’m a little nervous, hence the blog post procrastination.

I think I’ll go grab a caffeine heartstarter and Pomodoro it. Wish me luck!

Just as a sidenote – book reviews to come are Funemployed by Justin Heazlewood, The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert and The People Smuggler by Robin deCrespigny.


7 responses to “The latest…

  1. Ooh, good luck. 🙂
    See, I have to have a plan *before* I start, or else I just can’t work, even if I do ad-lib it a bit once I’ve got going depending on what fits best.


    • I’ve finished a first pass through – it needs work. This manuscript was a total pants job, no plan at all! At least the manuscript is complete so I have a reference 🙂

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      • Yeah, well I sort of pants the first version of mine; but realised last year it needed to be completely rewritten – including switching setting etc.! So that’s where I am now. 🙂

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      • I did the opposite with mine last year, planned and then wrote, characters changed their minds (as they do) and I tried to force friendships and scenes that I planned but didn’t work and now I have to do a rewrite! There really are two types of writers aren’t there?!

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      • There’s a third type – planster. I’m it – but it’s Angela Cavanaugh I have to thank for the term. I need a plan to begin with, then I can go. This story was one of my first attempts at real story-writing, so of course I didn’t plan it out very well at first. Now I’m doing a bit better – but planning has become much more important. Even if – as is happening lately – my characters start deciding to tackle things in an “yxwz” fashion to the plan – at leas it occurs in the end. I also make liberal use of a “plan” doc, misc. “notes” doc and paragraph of “what’s happening next” when I stop writing for the day. That last part is *really* useful – so much easier to pick things up again, handy when writing under time pressure.


      • At the writing course yesterday Toni Jordan suggested there are knitters and quilters (cast one a lie one, write line by line until the end, or write this fab scene, oh and this one, and this ending and maybe now the beginning and then piece them altogether, fill in the gaps) and pantsers and plotters – turns out I’m in the knitted pants corner 🙂

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  2. It’s after midnight here, I’ve just hosted book club at my house for the first time and seen your comment after (too) many wines, but I understand the ‘yxwz’ comment completely. There’s ‘plans’ and there’s ‘Plans’ and our protags. Are usually in charge! Looking forward to tomorrow’s update! !!


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