Lost between the covers

bookmark_2673937I just love this idea – a bookstore that has on display all the bits and bobs they find inside the second hand books they receive. SO many story ideas spring from this!

It’s not just photos – ‘One of the most intriguing finds was a white DVD, labelled in green texta: ‘Mitch and Rob’s Massive Bangkok Adventure’. Mr Kemp hasn’t viewed it – he’s afraid of what he might find.’

But is it a disappearing treasure trove now that our photos are digital and not printed out? What strange things have you used as a bookmark?


6 responses to “Lost between the covers

  1. I usually use scraps of paper, real bookmarks, or library due-date slips….


  2. What a cool story. It reminds me of the old tradition of the family Bible. Significant events would be recorded on the leaf (births, marriages, deaths) and photographs and other memorabilia saved between the pages.

    I must say that posting the pictures online is a little creepy. On the wall of the store is cool, but what if you post a picture of a loving couple online and one of them has a jealous spouse who sees it?


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