Closed for the season – no not really!!

Hi there folks – quick update for you. I have been plugging away at my rewrite, some days are good, some days the procrastination is very very effective!

November is fast approaching and that means Nanowrimo – which means 50,000 words in 30 days and a whole new manuscript finished. BMan is very supportive, he thinks it’s valuable for me to have a deadline and something (kinda) finished at the end of the 30 days, on the flip side he hates the late nights. I tend to write most after Little Man heads to bed so I am up very late, BMan gets up very early to go to work and so November is restless for both of us!

I started a Terrible Minds flash fiction a couple of weeks ago and realised that it had the potential to be something longer and perhaps a November novel. white-snowflakes-pack_23-2147499108This weekend I’ve fleshed out the idea a bit and in a difficult exercise for me I am doing a degree of planning. Based on an idea in the Nano forums I am attempting the Snowflake method of planning. I hate to plan but can see the value in it, if I had planned my MCs internal and external conflict, the crises points etc, I’d have far less rewriting to do.

This Snowflake method, hopefully, allows the structure to develop without taking the fun of discovering some of the story as you write it. I think up to Step 7 will be enough for me to do before November 1 – I hope I can get it all done, I may post some of it up here as I go along .

The new novel is called Closed for the season – wish me luck!!

Love to hear from you

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