Down, but not out

So for the last few weeks I have been wearing the letters off my keyboard banging out this November’s Nanowrimo novel. – Literally, Little Man used my computer the other day for his own writing and had to ask where the ‘N’ was!

The first little while was going gangbusters, there was one day we were headed off camping and I knew I would be down a day, and I made up that word count. Fantastic.

But late last week I hit a snag that has thrown me into a funk and it’s taken a bit to drag myself out of it. The little not for profit I work for is being absorbed into a larger organisation interstate. This leaves me without a job three days before Christmas. On analysis the biggest thing that’s bothering me (apart from you know, paying the mortgage and buying food) is that I wasn’t ready to leave yet. This is the first time in my life I’ve left a job not through my own choice and, while it’s not performance related, it’s hard to handle.

But I’ve had enough days wallowing, and enough days of the writing word count slipping ever more behind. I’m afraid to look at how much I have to catch up!

My aim today is to reread the 16.5k words I have written, to feel the story again and head once more into the breach.

And if anyone is looking for a part time communications person, preferably in a not for profit, you know where to find me 🙂

4 responses to “Down, but not out

  1. Ouch, good luck with things.


  2. Sorry to hear that – it’s a bad time of the year to be losing a job. But I wish you luck in the New Year! And good luck of course with your writing.


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