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You Googled what??

After my recent adverb rant I have been trundling along nicely on my rewrite. I’ve even been able to use the odd sentence from draft 1, and I’ve passed the 10,000 word mark.

Today as I typed away I realised I’ve done some Google searches this week, that while are not strange as such, as a group they present an odd picture. While it doesn’t really give you an insight into the story (at all) I thought it interesting as a snapshot of the complexities of novels. Of the little bits and bobs authors include in order to make something seem seamless.

So over the last week or so I have Googled:

  • how to describe dull blonde
  • travel first aid kits
  • do australian citizens need a visa for hawaii
  • themes of moby dick
  • volcanic zones of the world
  • volcano zones
  • amazing fantasy 15 cgc 8.0
  • can you open a CGC graded comic?
  • storing graded comics
  • films released in 2002
  • darwin awards


Search term bingo! Everyone’s a winner

How did you get here exactly?

Inspired by the hirsute Chuck Wendig, today’s post is Search Term Bingo! <I wrote that in a TV announcer voice, hope you read it that way>

What is Search Term Bingo <normal voice> I hear you ask – well the little critter that counts everything on the internet also keeps track of the phrases people type into Google and then click on and visit this blog. It makes for some curious reading! Nowhere as curious as Chuck’s (Hilarious post, but be warned it contains adult? no, that’s not it, infantile themes and some language, well yes language of course but I mean some pretty foul stuff, if a reader read you this post it would be basically one long bleep).

So I am well aware that Metallica fans end up here a lot, sorry about that, can’t imagine this writing blog was what you were looking for. At all. But hey, stay a while.

  • So number one, with a bullet is ‘Ride the lightning’ or some iteration of that. That’s not a mystery, it’s because of this post, and the more I talk about it the more Metallica fans will end up here, again, apologies, but enjoy 🙂

confused-emoticon_318-41196And here are some random what the? searches, firstly because why are you googling that in the first place, and second what have I been writing that this comes up early enough in the search results for you to click on my little blog? Anyhoo here they are:

  • ‘the weirdest baby in real life’ That’s not something I want to google, ever. Why are you doing this person? And Google – why did you send them here?
  • ‘unintentional flash’. Pretty sure I only ever talking about intentional flashing, don’t think I’ve ever flashed at someone by accident, yet.
  • ‘an essay on how i admire Kim Kardashian and why’. Yes, someone typed all that in and then clicked on my blog. For the record – I don’t. Shortest essay ever.
  • ‘shanghai express movie posters’ – no idea, I don’t have any, is that a Jackie Chan movie? Dunno, not my thing. Hope whoever you were you found what you were looking for.
  • ‘dastardly rabbits’. I know why this one did bring you here, it’s this flash fiction piece I wrote, but I’m wondering why you were looking it up in the first place. Are you Elmur Fudd? Who uses the phrase dastardly in real life? Maybe that weirdest baby.

Search term bingo – fun! To all those googlers that found their way here via odd means, hope you enjoyed the read and decided to stay, all are welcome 🙂 Long live Metallica (also not my thing, but hey, Lars and the boys, keep reading).