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You Googled what??

After my recent¬†adverb rant I have been trundling along nicely on my rewrite. I’ve even been able to use the odd sentence from draft 1, and I’ve passed the 10,000 word mark.

Today as I typed away I realised I’ve done some Google searches this week, that while are not strange as such, as a group they present an odd picture. While it doesn’t really give you an insight into the story (at all) I thought it interesting as a snapshot of the complexities of novels. Of the little bits and bobs authors include in order to make something seem seamless.

So over the last week or so I have Googled:

  • how to describe dull blonde
  • travel first aid kits
  • do australian citizens need a visa for hawaii
  • themes of moby dick
  • volcanic zones of the world
  • volcano zones
  • amazing fantasy 15 cgc 8.0
  • can you open a CGC graded comic?
  • storing graded comics
  • films released in 2002
  • darwin awards


Rendezvous on the Lido deck

Cigars in the Knickbocker Bar or maybe the Cathay Lounge, talkies in the ballroom, a spot of tennis, writing a letter home in the First Class Writing Room, followed by a dip in the Olympian Pool before dinner in the Mayfair Room.

I’ve spent the afternoon immersed in the glamorous world of cruising in the 1930s.

Who would have thought research could be such fun?

I’ve had a wonderful time reading all about cruise liners in the late 1930s and finding such lovely, glamorous pics.

Check out this spectacular swimming pool – and this is inside a ship for goodness sake! I suspect my next flash fiction is going to be ship-based. Although now I need to do some research on popular music at the time.

I’ve been reading about the Empress of Britain, at the time she was the first cruise ship to have a direct radio link in the cabins – you could make phone calls, but it was so novel no one did, excepting a Chicago businessman who ran up a 300 pound phone bill in 1936 – whoa!

They also had the world’s first dental surgery at sea! I doubt that’s a detail I’ll work into my story.

A first class dinner menu shows a choice of 18 desserts, no wonder they needed a dentist on board!