A picture of my novel

My current WIP all mapped out, not something I would normally have considered but has actually been quite a fun exercise.
There’s 3 rows and 2 alternating viewpoints. Straight up I can see the three cards at the beginning is an issue, sure I want people to have a chance to get invested in my main character but perhaps I’ve taken too long to get to the point.
Look at me learning the writing craft after all these years 🙂

Nuts, just noticed the pic is upside down, wordpress for iPhone strikes! Although maybe it’s a subliminal message that my whole novel needs a shake up! Perhaps not.

12 responses to “A picture of my novel

  1. Cool. Very impressive.

    I tried that once and it didn’t work for me at all, but I know a lot of people swear by it. Everybody has to find what works for them, and the best way to do that is usually to try things out!


    • Let me tell you this against my nature and I certainly couldn’t do it in advance of any writing, this maps out what I have already written. But I found I was developing a few inconsistencies and actually doubling up on some info, so I briefly described what happens, who’s voice it is in and how many words, I’ll go back and pop in when I put in some foreshadowing for story climaxes etc. We’ll see, I think this exercise will prove helpful to me only for this project to be honest :0


  2. It’s so interesting to see how other writer’s approach things. I think every writer has discovered what “works” for them, and this is a new idea for me. Let me know if it made things better in the end.


  3. I didn’t even notice the picture was upside down till I read what you wrote about it and looked closer. You seem to write really well, I’m betting it doesn’t mean your “whole” novel needs a shake up. 🙂


  4. Brilliant that the pic is upside down, it gives you yet another perspective 🙂


  5. Talk about turning its plot on its head :p

    I do this sort of. I’m a semi-reformed pantser. The corkboarding takes place in Scrivener, though—studio apartment with brick for walls makes hanging things like corkboards impossible.


    • I have a small house and a 4 year old,pictures of mummy with a bird and a whale and a worm that’s the baddy are usually on the walls, this was on the floor, and now is in a pile in my beautiful Moleskine laptop bag
      I think I need to look more closely into scrivener, I’ve only heard good things. Are you a convert?


      • Blast and drat, this is my second time writing this reply after WP ate it. Let’s try this again:
        I signed onto the beta test for Scrivener as soon as I found out about it, because I was working on a lot of things at the time and I was getting tired of a weird thing that Word Starter edition had picked up on: if you’ve gotten to any appreciable length of a document with complex formatting in it, Word Starter tends to lag. Badly. REALLY badly. (Open a document. Make a sandwich. Scroll to current position. Make coffee. Adjust formatting. Make a second sandwich.)
        The program has a corkboard view, where your individual documents (be they scenes or chapters or whatever division format you’re using) are each an index card that you can drag around and put into order that fits. Then there’s the Binder view, which is kind of like having a ‘lite’ outline in view at all times; the second column has loads of metadata, and even a field where you can put notes you’ve taken on the section you’re working on.
        I finished my first Nano draft using this, won a half-off code…waited to next year when the program left beta, won again,, gifted my second code to the friend who tipped me off to Scrivener in the first place.
        The best things about the program, in my opinion, is the ease in formatting that you get, and the Paranoid!saving. (How paranoid? Autosave every two seconds by default. Yikes!)
        I recommend it—it makes keeping organized quite a bit easier. It also does a lot of other cool stuff, like compiling into PDF or even .epub with just a few clicks.
        Disclaimer: I don’t work for the dev team. I’m just a HUGE fan.


      • Wow! I cannot believe you wrote all that twice! I’m feelin’ the love 🙂 late at night here I want to read it properly tomorrow, but had to give you a serious high five first


      • Okay, now I’ve had a chance to read your post properly. I had the half-off code a couple of years ago from Nano but didn’t really know what the fuss was, I have a sneaky suspicion I’ll now be nano’ing this November to get me a code….
        Thanks so much for your comments, appreciate an unbiased opinion from someone that actually uses the software.


      • ((And eeugh, what happened to my paragraph spacing? o_o; ))


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